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"Disease Management Reporter in Japan" will give readers case studies of disease management in every issue. We would be grateful if interested parties would make use of information and information exchange at home and abroad.
("Greetings from the publisher", Disease Management Reporter in Japan No.1, p.1.)
Employee Health Promotion Efforts Based on Health Management at Osaka Gas
A Non-profit Organization, Community Health Promotion Support Meeting "One to Three" and its health promotion activities for the elderly using the FUMANET Exercise
-Training and organizing elderly volunteers -
Long-Term Care Support Volunteer System of the Elderly Welfare Division, Welfare Department, Inagi City, Japan
- Efforts to Improve the Sustainability of Long-Term Care Insurance and Create Lively Local Communities -
Role-Setting Projects Carried out under the Health and Welfare Section of Hokkaido Imakane Town to Encourage Elderly People Living at Home to Play More Active Roles in the Community
Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.'s Employee Health Building Program
Healthy Community Programs with Residents of Naie Town, Hokkaido
Komatsu Health Insurance Society lifestyle-related disease prevention programs
Case Study of the Hadano City Long-Term Caregivers at home Depression Prevention / Support Assessment Project
Case study of programs to prevent people from becoming in need of long-term care
- Muscle strength training for frail elderly by the Sapporo Health Sports Foundation
Case study of programs to prevent people from becoming in need of long-term care
- Active Centenarian Physical Fitness Program(Iki-iki Hyaku-sai Taiso) in Kochi City
Case study of non-face-to-face behavioral change programs in many areas
- Kumamoto Region Study
Case study of motivation and behavior modification among city government employees
- Amagasaki City Government
Case studies of motivation and behavior modification among the recipients of disease management services
- Activities of Well Being Corporation
- Efforts by Saiseikai Shiga Hospital
Case study of healthcare management services in which company physicians play the core role
- Meiji Yasuda Life's New Programs
Case studies of disease management from the viewpoint of preventive care among the elderly
- Activity For Preventive Care In Yukuhashi City
- Approach By Tsukuba Wellness Research
Case studies of prevention and management of lifestyle-related diseases in the workplace
- Case Study from the Takatsuki Health Service Center, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
- Activities at Healthcare Committee Co., Ltd.
Disease Management of asthma in Japan
- DM Systems Inc. Asthma Management Program
- Teijin Pharma Limited Telemedicine System
- Greetings from the publisher
- On the occasion of the first issue of Disease Management Reporter in Japan
- Symposium on "Possibilities and Problems of Disease Management Development in Japan"
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