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Disease Management in Japan
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Since April 2001, the study group, underwritten by the Sompo Japan Foundation, has been conducting research on numerous aspects of disease management practices abroad. Activities have included publication of a report entitled "Development of Disease Management in the US" (June 2003, original Japanese text only available), a symposium on "Possibilities and Problems of Disease Management Development in Japan" (November 2003), and publication of the lectures and minutes of discussions of this symposium (January 2004, original Japanese text only available). Through these activities, we have realized that Japanese people are becoming more aware of not only the concept but also the practical aspects of disease management.
Shigeru Tanaka
Professor and Associate Dean, Graduate School of Business Administration, Keio University

Shinya Matsuda
Professor, Department of Medicine and Community Health, School of Medicine, University of Occupational and Environmental Health

Hiroyuki Sakamaki
Research Department Director and Chief Researcher, Institute for Health Economics and Policy

Gregg L. Mayer
President, Gregg L. Mayer & Company, Inc.

Michiko Moriyama
Professor, Clinical Nursing, Division of Nursing, Institute of Health Science, Faculty of Medicine, Hiroshima University
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