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Terms of Use

This website is operated by Sompo Research Institute Inc. and provides information, products and services to customers resident in Japan.

Every care is taken to ensure the accuracy of site content. However, we and other providers of information posted on the site assume no responsibility whatsoever for errors in content or for any problem, loss or damage resulting from actions taken based on information on the site.

Site content may be altered, suspended or withdrawn without notice.

In principle, copyright to site content is owned by us. Unauthorized use or reproduction of content is prohibited. However, where separate conditions of use are specified for individual items, such conditions will take precedence.

We assume no responsibility whatsoever for information, products, services, etc. provided on any other website reached through links or banner advertising on this site, nor for the information management policies of such sites, including their handling of personal data.

The various pages on this site that provide information, products and services may specify conditions of use other than those set out above. Please also take note of such conditions.


If you would like to set up a link to this website, please send the following information to this.

  • Name and URL of website to be linked to
  • Outline of the website
  • Contact details for producer of the website (industry, company name, department, contact person, telephone & fax numbers, e-mail address)

After receiving your request, we will contact you once we have confirmed the content of your website.

Please note that sites linked to our website must observe the following rules. Failure to comply with these rules may result in a request for the link to be removed.

1. The link should take viewers to the top page of the Sompo Research Institute Inc. site: http//

2. Links to other pages or images, etc. are not permitted.

3. Links which display content from our website as part of the linked website (within frames, etc.) are not permitted, even if our content is displayed independently of other information on the page. Please ensure that links are set up so that our website opens in a new window.

4. We reserve the right to refuse links, depending on the content of your website and method of linking.

5. Please refrain from any form of link that might damage the credibility of us.

6. The link will be refused if the site concerned:

  • (1) Is contrary to public order and morals
  • (2) Has any association with criminal activity
  • (3) Defames or libels any third party
  • (4) Infringes on the rights, property or privacy of any third party
  • (5) Contains any other content deemed by us to be inappropriate

7. Please denote the link as leading to either "Sompo Research Institute Inc."or "Sompo Research Institute".

8. Please note that content on our site is subject to change or removal without notice.

9. Under certain circumstances we may request that you remove your link.

10. Please note that we do not set up cross-links.


Whenever customer information is sent, this site uses an advanced 128 bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) data encryption system. All possible measures are taken to protect information on the site, such as the use of firewalls. However, please note that due to the nature of Internet communications complete security cannot be guaranteed.

Inquiries: Sompo Research Institute Inc.
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